Highland Oaks Ranch

Trophy Deer Hunting in the Texas Hill Country
A Quality Hunting Experience on a Well Managed, Family-oriented Ranch at a Reasonable Price

For more information or to book a hunt e-mail us at:   or

or call us at:   830-928-8151

There will be NO simple "meat" hunts available on
Highland Oaks Ranch during the 2012 / 2013 hunting season.
Only hunts for trophy-quality bucks are available this year!

We offer the best value in trophy hunting in the Texas Hill Country!

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The bucks grew some fine new antlers for this season!
We have some tremendous Sika and Fallow bucks sporting great new antlers,
and they are ready to hunt RIGHT NOW!

This photo shows a nicely developing eight       Another nice 8 point Whitetail buck.
              point whitetail buck!

 We have GREAT Fallow and Sika bucks as well as Whitetails! 

            Check out this youth hunter's fine Sika buck!

Some great bucks are growing at the Ranch!
    A quality Fallow buck          A growing Whitetail buck (note Fallow behind)
               A magnificent Sika buck (at left) and a tremendous Fallow.

       A nice 10 point buck                       A group of fine 2.5 year old 8 point bucks
          Photos from last season of whitetail bucks that are still on the Ranch!

On a "pre-season" hunt for exotics (in August heat!) took place when an
Army officer brought his two sons to the ranch.  Both young men had fun
hunting on the ranch, with each taking a nice Sika.
 Nathan worked hard for his Sika doe   ...      while Bryan spotted his quickly.
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